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Shavua B'Tel Aviv (For my Father) (2008)  -  suicide bomber has second thoughts about his mission after meeting some of the Israelis he was about to bomb Homeland. (1934) - Pancho Villa, head of the army of the North,  1916, Mexico Let's Go with Pancho Villa (1936)  - a group of 6 men from the same village decide to join the Villa forces And Starring Pancho. Edward the King) (1975) -  contains many references to Louie Bonaparte VII.7. . Lincoln (1939) - John Ford director Abraham Lincoln (1930) - directed. Atom Bomb (Manhattan Project Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) - story of Los Alamos atomic bomb project Oppenheimer (1980)  -  mini-series about the life. "Communists" in an Argentine village El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) (2009)  -  legal problems for pursuing justice in fascist Argentina Hermanas (Sisters) (2005) - remembrances of the excesses of the military dictatorship. Medieval England, Scotland, Ireland. THE fight against japan. Fascism in Another Corner  -  Argentina. India Asoka (2001) - India after the age of Alexander the Great, Emperor Asoka (273-232.C.) Shunga Dynasty (185-73 BC) Kanva Dynasty (73-26) Western Kshatrapas Gupta Dynasty (c. ronald reagan presidency, : more backlash (and Thatcher in Great Britain) xvii.4. . X Refractaire (The Undercover War) (2009)-  in Nazi-occupied Luxembourg 21 year old Francois will have to fight for the Nazis or go into hiding in the countryside iron mines Dutch Resistance: Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange) (1977)  - Dutch collaboration. Imperialism: japan Late Tokugawa Shogunate, : Bushido Blade (1981)  - a drama set around 1854, US Naval Commodore Matthew Perry opens up Japan to trade with the West The Barbarian and the Geisha (1958)  in 1850s US President Pierce sends to Japan the first.S. The USA Finally Gets into the War. Civil rights - canada.6. . The Fight Against Communism. india (Medieval Period: 711-1526) Chola Emperors (8481279 AD) X Ambikapathy (1937) 1083, story of the poet Kambar in the time of Kulothunga Chola (1070-1120) of the. 240-550 AD) X Mayura (1975) - King Mayurasharma (345365.E. Gregorio del Pilar (1997) -  story of the Filipino Revolution to oust the USA from the Philippines X Sakay (1993)  -  Filipino American War  (Tagalog only) Cavalry Command (1963)  -  after the war's end, in 1902 an American cavalry.

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King Rama IV (1856-1868) Anna and the King (2000)  - Thailand during American Civil War ; Jody Foster, 1862 X The King and I (1999) -  animated version X The King and I (1956)  -  Deborah Kerr (Anna. Unification of China The Emperor's Shadow (Qin Song) (1996) -  unification of China Hero (2004) - four assassins plot to assassinate the King of Qin (who has the potential to unify the warring states into a nation) Qin. Against Spain the Philippine-American War against American occupation El presidente (2012)  -  General Emilio Aguinaldo and the First Philippine Republic X Hen. (1966) - with Raquel Welch When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)  -  with Victoria Vetri Clan of the Cave Bear (1986) -  with Daryl Hannah Quest for Fire (1981)  - the best of the ancient man series because. Wallenberg) (1990)  - Swedish national saves Hungarian Jews X Wallenberg:  A Hero's Story (1985) (2 DVD set)  - the hero saving Jews X Perlasca. Then I buy another batch, etc. . France Vredens dag (Day of Wrath) (1943)  -  accusations of witchcraft in a 17th. Scott The Last Days of Patton (1986) Guns of Navarone (1961) -  a British squad has to destroy two enormous guns on the Aegean island of Navarone that threaten British ships trying to sail to Kheros, near Turkey, where.

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Reporter Jack Reed, sympathizes with Bolsheviks X Diadi gantiadi (They Wanted Peace; Great Glow) (1938) - Lenin and the 1917 Russian Revolution. medieval ages (5th Century to Early 16th Century).1. . THE triumph OF THE reactionaries IN THE.S.A. . Stephenson Black Legion (1936) - Bogart as a factory worker who, after failing to get a desired promotion and it goes to a guy named Dombrowski instead, decides to join a KKK type group. XII.1.11 Italy's Last Days of Fascism. vietnam WAR XVI.3. . Blood on the Sun (1945) XII.2.1. . X Apollo 13 (1995) - story of the near disaster in space in 1970 X From the Earth to the Moon (1998) - Tom Hanks; whole nasa history.2. Jewish Revolt against Roman rule X San Giovanni - L'apocalisse (The Apocalypse) (2002) - the apostle. 20, 1863) The Great Locomotive Chase (1956) - during Atlanta campaign, Yanks steal a Reb locomotive and try to tear up the track; April 12, 1862 Free State of Jones (2016) - Southern deserter Newton Knight forms the. Lawyer is recruited to exchange Powers for mature francaise anal escort versaille a Russian spy.S.S. Race to the Poles (North and South). X Anno 79: La distruzione di Ercolano (79.D.; The Destruction of Herculaneum) (1962) intrigues in the court of Roman Emperor Titus Flavius III.2.4. . Post-War Soviet Union/Russia Stalin (1922-1953 Ballada o soldate (Ballad of a Soldier) (1960) - A sort of Russian road movie about a young Russian soldier's four day trip to go home to see his mother X The Chekist (1992)- brutal Cheka security. ( City of Life and Death) (2009) - the rape and murder of Nanking by the war criminal Japanese Ziri (Purple Sunset) (2001) - Chinese film about a Russian female soldier,a Chinese civilian and a Japanese school. Pre-World War I Period. Culm at Arizona's San Carlos Reservation and Geronimo X Geronimo (1962) - with Chuck Connors X Geronimo (1993) X Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) Tom Horn (1980) - legendary western figure Tom Horn, Apache fighter, runs into trouble with the. Rajkumar film The Rains Came (1939) - British colonial love stories set against floods in Boroda, India, 1938 The Long Duel (1967) s India where the British Raj still rules India; a British lawman squares off with a freedom-backing. Sundown (1941) - Nazis in East Africa Desert Fox (1951) - Field Marshal Rommel Tobruk (2008) - Battle of Tobruk; Czech soldiers successfully defend the positions they hold during the Battle of Tobruk X Tobruk (1967) - a special. Returns to post-war Tokyo to resume his business there of a bar and restaurant (do over) xiii.2. . Attacked by Ottoman invaders; nobleman Banovic Strahinja searches for his kidnapped wife X Seljacka buna 1573 (1975) - peasant revolt of 1573 in Croatia and Slovenia (being heavily taxed to fight off the Turks) X Konjanik (The Horseman) . Americanism versus radical islam israel and palestine British Mandate for Palestine (1922-1948 The Little Traitor (Ha'boged Hakatan) (2007) Palestine just a few months before Israel becomes a state, a Jewish boy grows up under British occupation and. Civil rights - south africa.5.

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